Our Story

Doreen's Bibs & Bobs is a Canadian family run business located in Medicine Hat, AB. Doreen, along with daughters Naomi and Emma, are the team behind the scenes!

Doreen is a mom to 9, a nana to 15, and a great-nana to 2. Doreen was born in England, and came to Canada in the late 60’s with her husband Jim, and their oldest daughter, Noelle. She was taught to sew by her mom at a young age, and over the years, has loved to sew for herself and her family. Besides her passion for sewing, and beautiful fabrics, Doreen loves yoga, chocolate covered raisins, and her little doggy, Copper.

Naomi is Doreen's 3rd oldest, and whom Doreen passed on her love of sewing and all things chocolate! Over the years, she has loved to sew clothes for her daughter and nieces, especially cute little dresses! Now that her daughter is all grown and off to college, on top of working full time, she sews with Doreen, looks after our fabric orders, and together with Doreen’s youngest daughter Emma, manages the Facebook page, the Etsy shop, and our website. 

Emma, Doreen's youngest daughter, is our fabric designer! She is the face behind Long Dog Custom Designs! Emma designs a lot of our block style blankets as well as some of the designer fabrics for our sleep nests! Together with Naomi, she manages the Facebook page, the Etsy shop, the website, and helps with ordering fabric. 

Doreen’s Bibs & Bobs was created when Doreen, who hadn’t been sewing as much, started making receiving blankets when her daughter couldn’t find any big enough for swaddling. She realized how much she had missed sewing, and continued to sew blankets and give them as gifts. Then came the bibs, and everything else! With help from her daughter Naomi, they started sewing baby accessories and selling them at the Farmer’s Market in Medicine Hat. In 2015, we created our space on Facebook. In 2016, we opened up our shop on Etsy, and in 2017, our website!

Today, Doreen and Naomi do all the sewing together, Doreen does all the bibs, burp cloths, blankets, and bedding, while Naomi takes on the more challenging stuff, like our sleep nests, carseat covers, and ponchos.

Doreen’s grandkids Finley, Declan, Briggy, Evynn, Adley & Ellie and her great-grandson Jack are our product testers, and the inspiration for new products.

Thank you to all of our supporters, customers, and followers, and for keeping us all very busy!