The Sleep Nest


The Sleep Nest has many, many uses! It can be used anywhere around the house, provides a safe resting space, can be used for tummy & play time, as well as aide in the transition from crib to toddler bed. They are fantastic for camping and travelling, as they are lightweight, reversible, and easily packed. Your little one will settle easier while travelling as you are taking a familiar piece of home on the road with you. All nests come with a removable safety flap, designed to close the bottom of the nest while using the nest tied, to avoid any risk of entanglement.

We currently offer three sizes:

Small: Sleep area is approx 27" long. Recommended for children ages newborn up to 9-12 months while supervised.

Standard: Sleep area is approx 37" long. Recommended for children ages 1 to 3 years or more.

Plus*: Sleep area is approx 47” long. Recommended for children ages 18 months to 5 years or more.

*Currently, Plus size is only available on custom orders.


Our Sleep Nests are all handmade using 100% cotton, and filled with a hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill. 

All materials used are preshrunk making our nests completely machine wash & dryer safe. Spot wash as needed, and when your nest is ready for a full wash; untie the knot at the bottom of the nest before placing it in the washer. Wash on a delicate cycle and do not use bleach. We recommend laying flat to dry, or placing in the dryer on a low heat or air fluff setting. Reshape the bumpers as needed.


  • Sleep Nests are in no way intended for unsupervised sleep for children under 12 months of age.
  • As with any children’s product, it should be used with caution and safety in mind. We cannot be responsible for misuse of our product.
  • Always place your child’s head at the top of the nest, away from the strings. The rope is just long enough to tie a bow or a knot when the nest is closed. 
  • When using the nest tied, ensure the safety flap is snapped on securely. This is to close the bottom of the nest to avoid any risk of entanglement.
  • Always use in a safe, secure place, away from bed edges, or any surface your child could fall from.
  • Always follow the SIDS recommendations for safe sleep. 


We want you to be happy with any product you purchase from us, so please don't be afraid to contact us with any questions, concerns, and feedback, that's how we learn and grow! 

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