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Protect your little one from rain, wind and sun with this light weight, stretchy car seat cover, perfect for summer months!

Stretchy opening at the top allows you to peak in at any time. No straps or fasteners, they slip on over top of the canopy. 

Doubles as a nursing or pumping cover!

1 half Adventure Awaits other side is navy x.

These are designed to fit any bucket style car seat. Made with a stretchy knit material that is soft and lightweight. All materials used are preshrunk making them machine wash & dryer friendly.

Multi Season Liner - Add a super soft minky liner to one half, and keep the other half unlined. Use the warm, lined side to cover baby during the winter months, and on warmer days, turn the cover so the lined side is on the back of the car seat, and the unlined side faces baby.

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